Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Protect Our Freedom to Decide What We Will Eat

Anyone interested in getting Big Government to stop its Gestapo-type raids of American farms should read this post on  The Journal of Natural Food and Healing. My husband and I are so happy eating raw cheese and drinking raw milk! I had to do without dairy for 50 years because the processing makes milk so nutritionally unsound. Now that we have access to unpasteurized dairy products, I get have them again! It is not fair to deprive people in other parts of the country the same health-giving right to enjoy raw dairy.

I remember a time when honest farmers were free to make a living and to share the fruits of their labors (and those of their animals) with anyone. The Hershberger Family is living in a different reality--a horrible one that threatens their right to live and thrive on their farm. They are not selling cocaine, for Christ's sake! Why don't the law-enforcement terrorists in Wisconsin turn their attention to matters that threaten our safety and freedom, like illicit drug trade, illegal immigration, theft, murder?

 I miss an American where individual freedom to tell the truth is not given up inch by inch to malignant political correctness. 

I miss an America where citizens can decide what is safe for them and their families to eat. Producing raw milk and cheese and selling it should never be a crime anywhere! 

I miss an America where people have access to prescription medicines if they and their doctors decide they are worth a try--without the omnipotent FDA telling them the medicine is too risky, forcing them to die instead of having hope. I miss an America where honest doctors are not afraid to help people in pain. Now, they live in fear of the DEA putting them in jail! The Association of american Physicians and Surgeons has given the following advice to physicians: “Until wrongs are righted and procedural changes are made, physicians have little choice other than to be unusually suspicious of new patients, to require unnecessary and expensive tests, to waste time on excessive documentation, or to turn away suffering patients, even if they think the patients may not find anyone else to treat them.” They advise doctors not to get into pain management, further warning that “Drug agents now set medical standards."

I miss an America where the customs and rights of hard-working, tax-paying people are as important as those of criminals and illegal immigrants and where free-enterprise and the freedom to make an honest living is not hounded, over-regulated, and restricted into a thing of the past.

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