Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Kind and Healthier Way to Get Milk

My husband and I have started to buy and enjoy raw milk products. I have not been able to have dairy in a very, very long time because of bowel problems, but I can have raw milk and cheese with no reaction!

Because of my strong concern for animal welfare, I wanted to find local sources of raw milk so that I could satisfy myself that the animals are well treated. As a result, we bought a share in a goat and we get a gallon of goat's milk weekly. It is not legal, in Texas, to buy raw milk from the market or have the farm deliver it. You have to pick it up at the farm where you own the share.

Here is a Raw Milk Fact Sheet from

We found our local source of raw milk by Googling raw milk and our city in Texas. We are also buying vegetable shares there--fresh, vine-ripened, organic fruits and vegetables. What could be better?

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